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What is the Intoxalock?


The Intoxalock  is a state-of-the-art breath alcohol monitoring ignition interlock device.  When a breath sample is submitted, the Intoxalock tests the sample for the presence of alcohol.  Using a fuel cell technology developed by Intoxalock for the ignition interlock industry, the device will display the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the sample on the LED screen. 

This technology is most commonly used in conjunction with breath alcohol ignition interlock devices (BAIID or IID) and has now evolved to include home alcohol monitoring devices.

State and Federal mandates require that most breath alcohol monitoring devices be calibrated every 30 to 60 days.  In independent studies and approved by the State of Iowa, the Intoxalock has been proven reliable for over six months.  It is currently the only breath alcohol device to achieve this high standard.

The Intoxalock is currently being used in three different alcohol monitoring systems, the Intoxalock Legacy ignition interlock device, the Intoxalock Mobile eLERT ignition interlock device with advanced wireless features, and the Intoxalock Home eLERT alcohol monitoring system. The advanced wireless features of the Intoxalock eLERT systems provide the latest innovations in alcohol monitoring available.


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When you, or someone you know, needs a car breathalyzer or breath alcohol ignition interlock device, Intoxalock can help. Manufactured by Consumer Safety Technology, Intoxalock has provided unparalleled performance and reliability for over 20 years. We can assist you in returning to the road in a safe and law-abiding manner. It is not uncommon to feel embarrassed to ask for help or unsure of where to turn. Contact us today for help getting started.



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